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AFACO specializes in energetic renovations and can help you insulate your buildings. The financing of each individual project will be totally or partially secured for you.

We take care of every step of the process, from the initial quote to the completion of the renovation work. We are active in a many fields and strive for the highest quality of workmanship. All of our projects are subject to independent inspection.

Insulation operations we can handle:


People often confuse thermal insulation of walls with a facade renovation. The latter is sometimes less expensive, but it won’t save you money on your heating bills.

In fact, external wall insulation – also known as EWI – significantly reduces heat loss from a home and therefore pays for itself over a few years. You can save up to 25% on your bills, not to mention the related benefits, such as better soundproofing, for example.


In addition, unlike simple renovations, energy renovations of this type are partly covered by the Energy Savings Certificate program (Certificats d’Economie d’Energie).


There are several methods to insulate walls from the outside, such as laying or spraying a coating. The most commonly used materials are expanded polystyrene and mineral wool. They both offer great value for money and performance. Our energy ambassadors can recommend the most effective solution to insulate your walls from the outside and provide you with a very detailed quote.


We are committed to delivering quality work and offer a 10-year guarantee.

The advantages of insulating your walls from the outside :

Energetic comfort

Insulating the walls of your buildings from the outside will preserve their inertia, thus offering thermal comfort in all seasons.

Save money on your bills

Insulating your building will result in significant savings on your energy bills. Your initial investment will quickly become profitable.

Aesthetic results

When you choose Afaco for your external insulation projects, you will preserve your energy ressources and enhance the visual appeal of your buildings.


If your buildings have a poorly insulated basement or parking lot, there is a way to reduce this energy loss. This type of project is financed by the Energy Saving Certificate.

We install an insulating material (often glass or rock wool panels) on low floors to reduce heat loss. This operation doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. This will protect inhabited spaces from the cold coming from basements, parking lots or cellars.


We can insulate your low floor on any type of surface including unfinished surfaces. Besides, the insulation materials we use are highly effective against temperature variations but also against humidity, which also reduces water infiltrations.

The advantages of low floor insulation:

Complies with regulations

The French government is targeting 2023 to get rid of energy wasting points.

Improved comfort

A well-insulated house or office is considerably more comfortable in all seasons.

Enhanced property value

The energetic renovation of a building allows it to increase its value by about 10%.


The no 1 reason to insulate a house, and more particularly the attic, is to prevent heat loss (preserve the heat in the winter and the coolness in the summer). A third of the heat in a house escapes through the roof. A poorly insulated attic is the most important source of energy loss.


Attic insulation is one of our specialties. We first determine if the attic has « lost space » or if it can be renovated. Depending on the layout of your attic (or lack of workable space), we recommend the most suitable type of insulation and insulating materials:


– We can install insulation directly on the floor of your lost attic space.


– On the other hand, if your attic is already being used, for storage for example (or if you plan to fit it out in the future), the insulation is installed on the roof.


The most common material we use is mineral wool, but our extensive experience in this industry allows us to carefully choose the solution that works best for you.

The advantages of insulating your attic:

Energy performance

Your home or building’s energy performance will be significantly improved.

Energy savings

Insulating your building will lead to considerable savings on your energy bill. These savings can be multiplied by the number of buildings that need to be renovated.

Environmental impact

Your energy balance report will improve. This report is mandatory for co-ownerships, businesses and companies that are open to the public, as well as for the sale of private homes.


Lower your energy bills with free insulation solutions for your water pipes.

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money without compromising the thermal comfort of your buildings. One of them is to insulate your pipes or hot water pipes.


It is a simple solution that is both clean and fully financed.


You can take advantage of many environmental grants under the energy saving certificates, which can fully finance such projects. Choose AFACO, a professional company that is recognized and accredited by the CEE system.


Hot water runs through the pipes of your home and you will lose a lot of energy if they are poorly insulated. Insulating them is pretty common and it can be done for free! Unfortunately, the general public doesn’t know about this.

The advantages of insulating your water pipes:

RGE certification

We are certified by the RGE, a government-recognized organization. We do our best to protect the environment.

Quality work

Our years of experience in the industry allow us to offer you the highest quality of work.


Our company makes it a priority to satisfy and assist our clients during the entire duration of the project.


Poorly insulated points can cause significant heat loss. They are usually located in the boiler room or in the substations. They can also be found on your valves, taps and other connection points on your piping network. They come in all sizes (from the smallest to the largest diameters) and shapes.


Insulating single points removes thermal bridges and reduces energy consumption in technical rooms.


We insulate these points by installing removable mineral wool blankets covered with a specially designed technical fabric, which reduces the energy consumption of the system maintaining the room at the right temperature.

L’isolation des points singuliers permet de supprimer les ponts thermiques et ainsi diminuer la consommation énergétique dans les locaux techniques.

L’opération d’isolation de ces points passe par la pose de matelas amovibles de laine minérale revêtus d’un tissu technique et conçus spécialement, permet de réduire la consommation du système chargé de maintenir la pièce à la bonne température.

The advantages of insulating single points:

Lower your bills

Insulate single points of your pipping networks and reduce the energy losses of your boiler room (up to 15%).

Enhance your property value

Insulating singular points is 100% financed by the CEE system with the support of AFACO.

Simple and fast

The installation work is made easier by the proper selection of the right pad sizes for the right valve diameters.


What are the different steps of your energy renovation project?


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